Why Namana?2016-11-04T19:28:48+00:00

The answer to this is going to expose my true geek!

I spent an awful lot of time working out what to call my business and in fact settled and got pretty far down the road on Kinetic Therapy.  But in the end I decided it was a little too cliche and so went back to the drawing board.  I did some research on Latin, Greek, Roman words.  Touch, health, movement etc. But then added a new category to the list, Science Fiction. Star Wars.

Namana fruit, once processed, induces a faint sense of pleasure. Most people don’t notice immediately. They just feel good without knowing why.

To be honest I just quite liked the word, and by this time I was ready to settle on anything.

What should I wear to my appointment?2015-06-10T13:39:16+00:00

It depends where I’m treating you but generally something thats not too restrictive and if needed something thats not tough to get out of.  Some treatments will require you disrobe but your wellbeing and privacy is very important to me and I have facilities/procedures in place to ensure your modesty.

Is Sports Massage painful?2016-11-04T19:28:48+00:00

Somewhere along the line Sports Massage has picked up the reputation of being painful, some believe it needs to be painful to be effective.

Pain is your bodies way of protecting you, it tries to ensure you remain an active part of the gene pool. If you’re already in pain then it’s hard to understand how creating more will help.

That being said pain is a complicated subject and in recent years great strides have been taken to increase our understanding. How massage fits into this is, honestly, a mater of conjecture. But it seems regardless of how it works the end result is it does.

Some of the techniques I use can at times be uncomfortable and the type of treatments and techniques that work for you are something that we’ll learn and adapt over time as trust builds between us. But painful, no.

What are the Contra-Indications of Sports Massage?2014-11-12T15:22:32+00:00

Conditions that may be negatively affected by Sports Massage, such as:

  • Heart Conditions
  • Haemophilia
  • High/ Low Blood Pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy (within the first 16 weeks)
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Disorders
  • Recent Injury, 48-72 hours

These are a few examples of the more commonly encountered Contra-Indications.  If you suffer from any of the above please or have any concerns please contact me and we can chat in advance.

I’m not a sports person, can I benefit from Sports Massage?2014-11-12T15:19:32+00:00

Absolutely!  Theres a misnomer that Sports & Soft Tissue Therapists can only help sports people, probably something to do with the name.

Massage can play an valuable part within an existing training program for sports, injury recovery or as a method of relaxation and relief from many aches and pains which daily life, and stress introduces.

If you have aches and pains, regardless of where they came from then these treatments can help.

Whats the difference between sports & holistic massage?2015-06-10T13:43:29+00:00

Holistic is a general treatment for relaxation.  Sports & holistic do share some techniques but the difference is that sports is normally targeted at a particular problem.

Both have a place from a well being perspective but sports/soft tissue treatments generally work with a goal. Helping you recovery from an injury rehab, restoring range of movement, perhaps part of a training recovery program.

That being said I choose Sports Massage Therapists even for a ‘relaxing’ treatment.