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Namana Therapy is me, Paul Regan.  I’m a Sports & Soft Tissue Remedial Massage Therapist, BTEC-Dip and a member of Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage(ISRM).

I treat people from all walks of life, they may be recovering from a recent injury, suffering from more long term discomfort, aches and pains, or just want some general maintenance for relaxation or as part of a training program.  Sport can be a common factor but it’s far from being the main issue I deal with and my client base includes athletes, weekend warriors, Physiotherapy referrals, manual and office workers, retirees, basically anyone with aches and pains.

I have treatment locations in central & East London or also a mobile service which can come to you.  I’m fully insured with Balens/Zurich and abide by the ISRM code of ethics.


Paul Regan - Namana Therapy

I came to this vocation later in life having spent my early years working in the corporate rat race in IT.  Always active I started picking up injuries which led to surgery.  The injuries and the following recovery gave me an opportunity to flex my engineering and critical thinking skills and sparked an interest in anatomy and rehabilitation.

I began my studies at a London School of Remedial Massage affiliate.  Initially I wanted to learn about my own injuries and how to better self manage but this quickly progressed into a desire to learn more skills, acquire more knowledge and the realisation that I could help myself, and other people.

On graduation I began to slowly build a client base, further my education and ultimately open Namana Therapy.

I’m a constant student, skeptic and try to be as scientifically driven as possible in the treatments and advice I provide.  There’s a lot of myth and conjecture around complimentary therapies which at times can be disorientating for both patients and therapists.  Trigger points, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and soft tissue release are just some of the buzz words floating around which are often used to empower the therapist with the ability to resolve issues.  I don’t fully subscribe to this methodology. Whilst I believe that massage and touch have positive results for relaxation, pain relief and injury recovery I also believe in empowering you, the person in pain, with knowledge and information to understand whats going on and what we can do together to help you.

Take a look at the blog to see what I’m currently studying and I’ll also be updating it with links and articles which I think are useful.