Standup desks, what’s all the hype?


In my other life I’m a geek.   I work for a software company and spend pretty much most of the day at a desk.

I’ve looked at standup desks a few times over the past few years but they were always pretty expensive.  In October 2014 a tweet led me to a site :

How to build a $22 DIY standup desk made from Ikea parts.  Thats got to be worth a punt.

Paul Regan standing deskMuch to my HR departments dismay I built and started to use the desk you see on the right.  I didn’t really go into this with a plan but found myself standing in the AM and tending to sit more in the PM.  The desk isn’t flexible so I’d switch to a laptop.

10 months in and I now stand pretty much all day and find myself having to remember to sit down.  I’d obviously prefer a desk you can switch from one to the other but for the moment this will do nicely.  The only down side is for my co-workers, they don’t really appreciate my Dad dancing when listening to music.

I’ve heard that a number of companies are now starting to offer desks as an option with a Doctors certificate but a good friend of mine just went through a total office refresh replacing all the desks.

Our bodies aren’t built to do any one thing for a long time, regardless of what that is.  But if you’re desk bound and don’t have a standing option then make sure you take frequent breaks, go and have a stretch, move around, have a twist or a bend.  Do something you’ve not done before and your body will appreciate it.

It will come that standing/sitting desks are the norm but the advice from Namana is, as always, keep moving!






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Sports Massage / Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Therapist and Pain Science student.