Attended Mike Stewart’s Know Pain Class

There are a few people on social media that for me, are standout, head and shoulders above the crowd. Mike Stewart is one of those people.

In January I attended the 1 day Know Pain class.  If I where to summarise then it’s a class about communicating with people who are in pain.  How to begin educating people about whats happening, why its happening, and how we go about improving the situation.

To be honest my expectations and goals were to be thoroughly overwhelmed but to absorb as much as possible on the day and use the course as a launch pad for further study.  Chatting with Mike before hand he assured me that the class would contain a broad spectrum of clinical experience and it did. Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, even a Podiatrist & (thankfully) another Massage Therapist all with varying years of experience.

In summary, the class was awesome, Mike’s style and practical experience brought the material to life and I came away with a ton of information. Some of which I’ve immediately been able to use and modify the way I communicate and some which will come with time and understanding.


About the Author:

Sports Massage / Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Therapist and Pain Science student.